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ACAM390A Asian Migrations in a Global Context taken Summer 2019. A global seminar taking place in Vancouver's Chinatown, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Penang, Malaysia. We explored multi-disciplinary perspectives on Cantonese migration. The course culminated in a group video project that was showcased to the local Chinatown community at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. My group focused on cultural heritage and preservation.


Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies taken Fall 2018. English literature course covering a variety of topics including Chinese Canadians, Japanese internment in Canada, the Korean War, and Filipinx Canadians. Assignments included archival research and essay writing, digital media production, and a creative assignment or essay.


HIST485 Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver taken Spring 2019. Course included topics such as defining "Asian," histories of Asian presence in North America, and representation in media. Assignments included two video-based group projects, one of which was based on a local restaurant, as well as a creative group or individual project.


LIBR506 Human-Information Interaction taken Spring 2024. A foundational course providing information interaction models and theories related to understanding the needs of information users and communities. The final course project centres on evaluating needs for a specific user group and designing a prototype information product or service to address those needs.


LIBR509 Foundations of Bibliographic Control taken Spring 2024. An introduction to organization of information with topics including: theory of classification, including semantic relationships and facet analysis; controlled vocabularies; and, analysis and description of intellectual and physical characteristics of documents. This course is centered on self-assessment, peer-to-peer feedback, and using the creation of low-fidelity prototypes to understand principles and systems.


SOCI433A Directed Studies: Telling Asian Canadian Stories with Unconventional Archives taken Spring 2020. Self-directed course supervised by Dr. Renisa Mawani. Coursework included reflective assignments, an annotated bibliography, and a final essay. The essay, "Producing the Record," is an autoethnographic analysis of ACAM 350 and its impacts and significance as a community archive.