Teaching Conditionals Lesson Plan

Bear with flower tucked behind her left ear. Caption at the top that says "This is Berna."

Lesson plan and slides made for TESOL 101 of the ISS Language and Career College of BC's TESOL Diploma Program, presented Apr. 29, 2021.

This lesson plan and set of slides were presented as part of the third course in the second 2021 cohort of LCC's TESOL Diploma program on teaching grammar. You can find my first lesson plan on teaching speaking and listening in this post. Our latest unit was on creating lessons on grammar; the presentation portion was focused on conducting oral drills.

The grammar structure I was assigned was "if I do..." and "if I did..." (otherwise known as the first and second conditional respectively). I was given sample rules and written exercises from a grammar book and encouraged to pick a certain portion of the target grammar structure as the focus of my lesson objective.

The lesson plan is published here under a CC BY-NC-SA license. This means you are free to use the lesson plan as is or with adaptations so long as this use is non-commercial and you publish your version with the same licensing.

Click here for the PDF of the lesson plan: Lesson Plan.

The lesson plan includes: a script for the presentation, a written exercise (with answer key), an oral activity/grammar game, and a free communicative activity (with handout).

For an editable copy of this lesson plan, please contact me at the details given on my resume page. The details are in an image that does not have alt text to prevent bot scraping. You can also reach me via LinkedIn.

While there is a small preview of the slides in the lesson plan, the slides will not be posted as the images in them have not yet been verified for republishing. They were images found through Google Slides' explore function and may be copyrighted images. Slides may be forthcoming if I have the time to replace the images used with creative commons licensed/public domain images or my own drawings. (Samples slides shown below contain only images I have created).

Image of slide "Which is more likely?" Options "A. Using the loyalty card" and "B. Winning the lottery" on the right. Image of stamped loyalty card and scratch and win lottery ticket to left.
Reinforcing that the past tense (second conditional) is used for unlikely or impossible scenarios using loyalty cards and scratch and win lottery tickets.

Image of slide describing the rules of first and second conditional as well as how to mkae the sentences into questions. Each rule includes an example sentence.
Presenting the rule in written form.

For these slides I used a presentation template provided by Slidesgo, which includes icons from Flaticon and Freepik. The lesson plan and slides were built in Google Drive using Google Docs and Google Slides. The loyalty card image was created in Affinity Designer; the written exercise and Click Clack Toe pages were designed with Affinity Publisher.

Finally, below is my self-reflection.

Good and/or Effective:

  • Speed is better!
  • I think my first drill went pretty smoothly.
  • I think I did a good job keeping most slides uncrowded and with big, colourful visuals.
  • I’m not sure if people noticed the colour coding between “if I do”/”if I did” but I think it made the slides more visually consistent overall

To Be Improved:

  • I used embedded questions--simplify.
  • Students had trouble with my attempt to create the need for the Target Grammar Structure, especially the first time.
  • Instructor commented: cultural context for lotteries and loyalty cards may confuse students; suggested weather instead.
  • I meant for students to do the drill together all at once (as a chorus) but that doesn’t seem to work too well online. I’ll name students more next time.
  • Ran out of time near the end with the rules.

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