Listening and Speaking Activity Lesson Plan

Lesson plan and slides made for TESOL 103 of the ISS Language and Career College of BC's TESOL Diploma Program, presented Apr. 8, 2021.

At the end of March, I joined the second 2021 cohort of LCC's TESOL Diploma program. Our latest unit was on creating lessons that involve listening and speaking exercises around topics given.

My topic was Traffic, and the listening exercises were from Developing Tactics for Listening (3rd ed.) by Jack C. Richards with Grant Trew.

The lesson plan and slides are by no means polished, but I am publishing them here under a CC BY-NC-SA license. This means you are free to use the slides and lesson plan as is or with adaptations so long as this use is non-commercial and you publish your version with the same licensing. You may need to adapt this lesson if you do not have the Developing Tactics book.

Click here for the .docx lesson plan file: Lesson Plan

Note: The worksheets, cue cards, and other lesson aids mentioned in the lesson plan were not created for this presentation, but I hope to someday design them. Below is a sample of what the cue cards might look like for Activity 1.

Click here for the .pptx presentation file: Presentation Slides

Some truncated details of the lesson plan are included in the Notes of the presentation file also.

The lesson plan was created in SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker and the slides were created in SoftMaker FreeOffice Presentations. Icons used in the presentation are cited on the slides they first appear; they are all attribution licenses.

Finally, here is the self-reflection I wrote last night about how I did on the presentation:

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