Disability Representation in Population & Curricula in the MLIS Program

Screenshot of slide with a girl in glasses overlay on a rainbow infinity symbol to the right. Title "Seeing Me in University: Disability and Diversity in LIS Education" with details about the proposed audience and course information on the bottom.

Extended topic briefing about disability in library and information science education created for LIBR 508 with Dr. Hannah Turner in the MLIS core.

This four-page document created as an individual assignment for LIBR 508 is based on the genre of topic briefings meant for decision-makers such as government officials.

It is directed to the incoming director of the UBC iSchool, Dr. Luanne Sinnamon, and discusses the significance of disability as a form of diversity, the issues current disabled workers and students face, and suggested changes that the iSchool could make to address these gaps.

It draws on the social model of disability from critical disability studies and attempts to emphasize the importance of viewing this issues from an intersectional perspective. Above all, in writing this piece, I wanted to emphasize that students, faculty, and information professionals can all be and are disabled.

Topic Briefing [PDF download]

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