Hao’s the Taste

An interview with the owner of Hao's Lamb Restaurant filmed on Mar. 10, 2019. The video was put together for Dr. Henry Yu's HIST 485 in Spring 2019.

Edited and Captioned by Vanessa Chan
Filmed by Cynthia Wu
Sound Editing and Recording by Qubie Ng
Interview by Hannah Xie
Translations by Cynthia Wu and Hannah Xie

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Learning Significance

  1. Through this project I learned how to more smoothly edit in B-roll into a video to help ease transitions between different parts of videos. Much of this video was spliced from different parts of the interview to highlight the themes of entrepreneurship, culture, family, and community. I do not speak Mandarin, and so this project also helped me learn the nuances of communicating with and representing people across language barriers.