Teaching Reading Lesson Plan

Lesson plan made for TESOL 104 of the ISS Language and Career College of BC's TESOL Diploma Program, presented May 20, 2021.

For the final presentation in the second 2021 cohort of LCC's TESOL Diploma program, I presented a partner presentation on teaching reading skills.

Our topic was Science and my partner and I decided to use the vaccination aftercare pamphlet provided by the BC CDC after one gets their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as our lesson text. You can find that text here.

With permission from my partner, Rocio, I am publishing the lesson plan. This lesson plan is not released under any Creative Commons license at-present and is assumed to be copyrighted until otherwise specified.

Click here for the PDF lesson plan file, including the worksheets: TESOL 104 Vanessa and Rocio - Vaccination Aftercare Lesson Plan

The lesson plan was created in Google Docs and the worksheets were created with Affinity Publisher.

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